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The Gardens of Regal Heights

City ViewThe natural beauty of the city panorama from Regal Heights is the backdrop for a district where house and garden are a priority for homeowners.

Many of the interesting and well-kept gardens are divided by a variety of hedges that contribute to the natural greenery of the many-treed area.

Bench in GreeneryThe individual interesting gardens have been enhanced by the effort of the community as a whole. A vigorous tree-planting campaign last year has resulted in over forty native new trees being planted. These trees accompany the older established locusts, birches, maples, oaks and others. They rise alongside the new trees to reward us for imaginative planting, past and present.

Over a thousand daffodil bulbs have been planted in the district. They are concentrated particularly on the steep southerly bank of Regal Road School, so that "a host of golden daffodils" transform the bank in the springtime.
See our "Daffodil Hill" here.

PlanterPlanters have been placed throughout the public areas and are well tended by volunteers who keep them watered and blooming with seasonal flowers and greens.

PlanterRegal Heights is deprived of a large park, but smaller community gardens have been established alongside the local library and on Rosemount at Oakwood Avenue.

Where Garrison Creek once rippled its way through the Heights, the lovely Springmount Avenue now winds through what was the creek cutting. This renders Springmount as a particularly interesting and beautiful avenue, whose hills are bisected by patches of flowers and shrubs planted by the community.

FlowersThe terrain of Regal Heights with local emphasis on gardening, greening and preserving the natural beauty, make the area particularly good for walking.

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Beth Marcilio

O.C.I. To Get a ‘Facelift’

Oakwood Collegiate Institute will be 100 years old in 2008, and like many a centenarian, she is showing her age. She’s still going strong, but there are a few wrinkles and saggy bits that could use a little help. So Jennifer Gordon, a current student, and her Environment Club, applied to the Toronto Dominion ‘Friends of the Environment Community Fund’ for funds to give the school some beauty treatments. The Toronto Dominion graciously awarded the Club a grant for $1500.00 to add some much needed greenery around the main entrance on the north side of the school on St Clair Ave., a sadly neglected area. Native plants will be used, including cedars, and native perennials which will have a side benefit of attracting native insects, birds and butterflies. Students at Oakwood will maintain the garden and the community will enjoy the results for years to come. Planting will begin when this winter ever ends. The Regal Heights community would like to thank the Toronto Dominion for its generous grant and the Environment Club for its hard work trying to get the old girl ready for her 100th birthday party.

Thanks to Marla Percy

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